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A Fabulous Designer Bathroom Remodel - Behind the Scenes!

Or The Cobbler's Children Get New Shoes

Why did we decide to take that leap?

Want to know how a designer deals with her own remodeling project? Here's how I tackled my biggest design issue - without blood, sweat, or tears!

My husband and I bought our home about five years ago. It is a 70's era home that had undergone an extensive remodel in the 90's. We moved here from a 100-year old house, so it was love at first sight when we walked in the front door. What was not to love about the sunroom, large living room, fabulous laundry room, and walk-in pantry? By the time we go to the huge master closet, we were completely sold.
Of course, nothing is perfect, especially to an interior designer's eye. I was less than enthused about the master bathroom and planned to gut that right away. The previous owner's had done a decent job in expanding a minuscule 70's era bathroom, but I could see how it could be better. The shower didn't work, but that wasn't a problem in my mind - I intended to immediately remove the tub/shower and replace it with a walk-in shower. Hubby slowed me down on that as he didn't think I'd like being without a tub. I reminded him there is another tub down the hall in the guest bathroom for that rare occasion when I want to take a tub bath. We're both showerers - not soakers! He still wasn't sure he wanted to jump into a remodel, though, so we repaired the shower and lived with it for a couple of years until I convinced him how much more fabulous it could be.
As soon as he gave me the go-ahead, we were off to the races.
A poor layout was the first of the problems. Although the room is still small by today's master bath standards, I could visualize how we could use the space more efficiently. The tub/shower and toilet were crowded into a small room, and the layout terminated into a blank wall. The balance of the space had inadequate storage, and I had been dreaming of more fabulous cabinets than the ones that were in the bathroom.

Terrible lighting was the next problem. An overhead bath bar fixture over the mirror annoyed me every time I turned on the switch. That's one of my design pet peeves. It's terribly unflattering to anyone looking in the mirror - especially the mirror where most daily grooming occurs! The light shining down makes shadows on your face. I certainly don't need my wrinkles highlighted, do you? I prefer and always specify for clients, eye-level mounted lighting that come from each side of your face. On the ceiling was an ugly long fluorescent fixture. That's perfect for the laundry room, garage or maybe in a kitchen, but never the answer in the master bath.
Finally, I was not fond of the floor tile. We still have it in the kitchen and laundry room, but I don't notice it as much there. I don't repose in those rooms. In the bathroom, while doing my daily routine, I would study that floor. It is supposed to have a marble look but fails badly. Every tile is the same which doesn't add to a natural look. I just kept counting the George Washington's in the pattern. You know - kind of like looking at clouds.
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