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5 Things You Can do Right Now To Prepare Your Guest Room for the Holidays

The weather is getting a little cooler. The pumpkins are coming out. I've already seen Christmas displays in stores. The holiday season inevitably draws nigh. Weary travelers will be occupying your guest room for the next few weeks. Yikes! We've got to get ready! You want your guests to feel comfortable and welcome. Never fear. Here are a few things you can do right now to get ready.

1) Clean the room and the closet.

Do a good deep clean of the space. Clean out the closet and drawers. The guest room closet is for guests only. Have a tough love cleaning of the closet. Toss or relocate items not for the guests, to another part of the house. A small collection of coordinated hangers looks more complete. Outfit the closet with a plush robe and slippers exclusively for guests.

2) Paint or wallpaper.

Take a good look at the room. Is it a little outdated? Now is the perfect time to consider an update. Paint the walls a soft color. Colors in blues, greens, and bluish purples are relaxing. A stylish wall covering's texture would amp up the cozy factor. There's still time to get that done.

3) New bed linens.

How old is the bedding? You've decided to refresh the walls, continue the idea on the bed. Maybe the bed needs new pillows or a plush coverlet or quilt. Make certain there are nice sheets on the bed. Adding plenty of pillows is an easy fix and adds to the coziness.



4) Does the room provide all an overnight guest's basic needs?

You can find a fold-up luggage rack to provide a place for bags. It can tuck into the closet when not in use.

Make certain you've provided enough mirrors. One for close grooming and a full-length mirror.

Trashcan, kleenex, clock. A bedside lamp, current magazines, and books will help your guests relax. Provide a comfy chair or bench. Guests will appreciate the chance to rest or having a place to put on their shoes. A desk or vanity with chair can double as a nightstand in limited space.

Going over all of these details will impress your guests with your hospitality.

5) Finally, spend a couple of nights in the room.

Now everything's ready for the holiday visitors. Before guests arrive, be certain to place a small vase of fresh flowers in the room.

Caution! There is a potential side effect of such a room. Visitors might be reluctant to leave. My Daddy always said "Company is like fish. After three days it begins to stink". A small family photo says "You are welcome in our home, and it is our home."

If you need any help making all of this come together, give me a call. I wish everyone a joyful holiday season!