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Color of The Year

I love extraordinary color.  I don't usually cling to trends.  I encourage my clients to get what feeds their souls.  I do, however, encourage unique color.  A color scheme is inspired by a beloved object, whether that be a piece of art or a material or nature or anything that evokes an emotional reaction.  You do somewhat, have to acknowledge fashion, so that you will be able to locate the materials needed to bring the plan to life.  It's always fun to see what the color prognosticators predict.  Benjamin Moore announced last week, their Color Of The Year for 2017.  The Color and Design team goes through an extensive process to arrive at the Color Of The Year.  They travel the globe visiting art fairs.  They bring the samples back and condense them to a select few.  They study their emotions to the final candidates until a winner emerges.  What a fun job that would be.  The color is (drumroll please) 2117-30 Shadow, described on the website as "allusive and enigmatic — a master of ambiance."

a “rich and mysterious shade of amethyst.”
— Cheryl Joost, Benjamin Moore Social Media Marketing Manager

Here's a brief video showing the process that the design team goes through to select the color.

I must be psychic.  I specified a very close color to Shadow last year on a new construction project.  The color I used was Vintage Wine, which is a hair warmer than Shadow.  Vintage Wine is an unusual aubergine.  

We were using the beautiful Mother-of-Pearl accent tile seen in this photo.  Depending on the direction the light hits it, all kinds of amazing colors come out of the material's iridescence.  I was particularly attracted to that dark, rich purple and how it would complement the warm tones and turquoise we were planning on using in the adjacent bedroom. I get excited about such colors.  As you can see, I was considering several shades of aubergine or amethyst.  Vintage Wine made the final cut.  To make it a focal point in the room we used it only on the bed wall.  

Here's the mood board showing the tile, Vintage Wine and the fabrics in the bedroom.  The tile and Vintage Wine made all these colors, patterns and textures come together.  The process of construction such a color scheme is one of my favorite assignments.

The final result is a stylish serene sanctuary.   

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