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Bless Her Heart (or Why This Lady Should Have Invested In An Interior Designer)

Bless Her Heart

So, I was watching stupid television the other day.  Sometimes I have to do that.  It was some wedding planning show.  The bride loved bling.  She was talking about how she loved everything gold and bling and shiny.  I can't fault the girl for that.  I'm a little that way.  I'm kind of like a crow in that way.  I'm attracted to bright shiny objects.  
So the bride and groom were apparently building a new house as well as, at the same time, planning their wedding (mistake #1). That's just too much decision making all at one time.  That would send anyone's stress level out the roof (pardon the building reference).  The bride took the viewer on a little tour of the new home.  She pointed out all the gold doorknobs and other gilded objects.  That's fine if that's her thing.  Then she stepped into the bathroom.  I think it was the master bath.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing and thank goodness I had my phone handy.  Here it is. This situation is wrong on so many levels that I'm not sure where to start.

An Interior Designer Can Make Your Style Work 

The vanity is an interesting choice.  The cabinet is, of course, ornate which is our girl's' style.  I'm not finding fault with that.  A black, or at least not-so-white marble would have better complimented the furniture piece.  The two lavatories do not match the style and are over-crowding the furniture.  There is not enough counter space remaining.  If this is the master, where is our girl going to put all of her maintenance accouterments?

Note how the marble complements but does not distract from the Louis XV commode.

Note how the marble complements but does not distract from the Louis XV commode.

The faucets are the next issue.  I appreciate their vintage style and approve of the wall-mount.  I'm not one to be stuck on metal finishes have to be all matchy-matchy, but gold-leaf and chrome are not friends.  Gold may not have been in the budget, but black would have been a good choice.  The cabinet looks like it was plucked straight from the Queen's Chamber at Versailles and it appears the faucets were in the servant's kitchen.

I'm fairly sure that the painter is not done in this construction.  I would hope that the couple would do some fabulous wallcovering or unique paint finish to complement the vanity.

The throne (again the royalty reference) space is the worst thing about this area.  Again, I hope this isn't the master bathroom.  Talk about no privacy or comfort.  A toilet should ideally occupy at least a 36-inch floor space.  This one has maybe twenty-four inches and the countertop is encroaching at least two inches into that area.  I see banged up craniums in this couple's future.

My suggestion to this girl would have been to do this sort of vanity in a guest or powder bath.  There you could have done it properly, and it would be the statement piece of a small room.  In the master, the function is the primary goal.

Give Your Interior Designer The Reins

Here are some lessons to be learned from this mistake.  

  • Don't try and do two major life events concurrently.  Such obvious mishaps are likely to occur.
  • Hiring an interior designer will help you to avoid such mistakes.

Are you building or remodeling and have no time to make all of the decisions?  Hand me the reins and I'll make your vision a reality.

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