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1940's Era House Renovation - A Total Transformation!

A lot of interior designers may tell you that they can transform your home or office, but I can show you more than just a few swatches and sketches - I've got actual examples.  These total renovation transformations are among my favorites to work on! I love to analyze the space for how it is not fulfilling the inhabitants' wants and needs and then decipher how we can change it to make it work better.

The subject of this week's story is a long time client and friend.  I've helped her with more than one home.  I met with her to address some kitchen and laundry dilemmas not long after she moved to this fabulous 1940's era home.

1940's Era Home Renovation - A Total Transformation!

The kitchen was enclosed by too many walls as was the trend in the days when the home was built.  But now, the kitchen is the center of all activity. So we took down a wall and opened the kitchen into the public flow of the house better.  She also had the unbelievable burden of carrying wet laundry from the washing machine in the garage to the dryer in the kitchen!  So I designed a new pantry that included space for the washer and dryer together.  She was so pleased with her new kitchen and laundry that a few months later she called me again to transform the living room and bathrooms.

The Renovation Involved Making Small Rooms Bigger

The redo of the living room primarily involved updating the wall finish, lighting, and new furnishings.  However, one major renovation we made solved not one but two big problems.  The entry of this home was a narrow hallway.  My client wanted to put a newly inherited family heirloom - a hall tree - in the entry, but there really wasn't enough room for it.  So I came up with the solution to widen the doorway from the entry into the living room as wide as possible.  We made room for a family heirloom and made the entry and living rooms feel more spacious.

The Renovation of The Bathrooms



The bathrooms were a bigger challenge.  There were one and a half baths for a three bedroom home.  The homeowner used the half bath for the master.  I tried to no avail to come up with a renovation plan that would involve adding a shower to that room that didn't make it feel like she was living on a cruise ship every day.  The current situation was fine for her anyway, as most of the time it is just her in the home.  Instead, we focused on renovating everything from lighting and plumbing down to tile and cabinetry in both rooms. This included the addition of modern wallpaper that gave a nod to the era of the home and the addition of lighted mirrors for more efficient grooming light.  Now the updated rooms work much better within their original footprint.

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