You're moving on up - to a new office!

 Or you're ready to makeover the old one - either way, it's time to make a beautiful, functional space that supports the way you work.

Here's what you get:

  • A detailed floor plan with all of the necessary furnishings - you'll know what fits where without guesswork
  • Selections of all furnishings and finishes:  lighting, plumbing, hardware, all surface finishes, window treatments, furniture, art, accessories, etc. Don't stress over coordinating this with that - I'll do it for you. 
  • Assistance in purchasing - no need to look all over the place because I've already got the industry connections
  • Delivery and installation of all items purchased from Ambiance. When on-site, I make sure each item is correct and flawless.

Why am I your interior designer?

I've been in business for over 30 years.  I've designed dozens of successful projects. I make the process fun and easy.  And I'm not going to force my particular tastes on you.  No need to fear that you're going to lose your vision to an overbearing design diva.  I will use my training, years of experience and sources to help you achieve your dream.

Jill was involved with the building of my home before construction even started. She helped in every phase. Jill has the unique ability to realize her client’s individual tastes and cater to those while interjecting her own expertise in design.
— Nacogdoches client

Who is Ambiance perfect for?

  • Busy people who want a fabulous office, but don't have time to pick out every little thing.

  • Successful people who realize the value of professional services.

  • Confident, trusting people who are comfortable with allowing me the freedom to work my magic for them.

Who am I not for?

  • Bargain basement shoppers. Good design doesn't have to be terribly expensive (but it's pretty darn hard to come by on the cheap.)
  • Micro-managers who won't be able to hand me the reins - when I say I've got this, I've got this!
  • Skeptical people who doesn't appreciate the importance of  the creative process.


How much does design service cost?  

Please contact me so we can discuss your particular project further.  Then I will be able to quote you a precise figure. 

How does the process work?

  1. Once we have a contract agreement, we will meet and discuss your desires and must-haves.  An idea file of pictures or a Pinterest or HOUZZ  board is critical to convey your vision to me.  I'll need a set of your building plans right away.  
  2. Then I'll get to work for you.  I'll be drafting and sourcing all of your finishes and furnishings.  
  3. We'll have periodic meetings to review everything.  
  4. We'll take some fun field trips to showrooms.  I'll work on all of the drawings and documents you and your contractor need to build the dream.  I'll stay on hand during the process to make visits to your site to ensure everything is running smoothly.
  5. At time of move-in, I'm available to assist in installation of furnishings, artwork, window treatments and accessories. You're busy working, so if you need the white glove service, I can provide that for you.
Jill has worked with me on two home remodel projects and I am delighted with the results. At the beginning of each project, I was overwhelmed with choices. Jill stepped in, listened to my ideas and created a design that exceeded my expectations. She helped with all the details and guided me in the selection of everything from plumbing fixtures to furniture. She is knowledgeable, creative, and great to work with!
— Susan R.

Ready to get started?

Cool!  I'm excited to meet you and hear all about your project!  I'm usually involved at least a couple of months out and the process can take some time.  You can never start to soon.  So let's get together.

Not quite ready to make the leap?  

That's ok.  In the meantime please sign up for my mailing list below so we can stay in touch.