Conference room interior design project - Ambiance

This remodel of a university's Board of Regents suite of rooms was designed to provide a formal space with a nod to the 1920's era building.  

  • A new table was necessary due to the recently added number of members.  
  • The designer styled a new boat-shaped top to be custom made for the existing base.  
  • Red leather chairs with the university seal stitched on the inside back provide a punch of drama to the large room.  
  • Armless settees along the wall provide extra seating for meetings attended by large groups.  
  • New chandeliers installed over the table were selected for the vintage style that matched the building's architecture.  
  • Draperies were installed on the window wall to add warmth to the room.  
  • Paisley carpet in the university colors adds warmth and texture.  
Commercial interior decorating and space planning - Ambiance Interior Design
Commercial Interior Designer Jill Ornelas
Conference room - commercial space planning with Ambiance Interior Design
  • The smaller conference room was designed around display of an extensive cut-glass collection donated to the university by a past president.  
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Commercial interior design and space planning - Ambiance
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Commercial space planning - Ambiance Interior Design
  • Between these main rooms a break area and kitchen were added to maximize utility during long meetings and also provide a formal entertaining space when necessary.  
  • The accent red color was again used here for the wall color to add drama to the space.  
  • A large mirror reflecting the outside opens up the space.  
  • Sconces on either side of the mirror add light and formality.
Executive Office Kitchen Design - Ambiance